Book Review #35: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading: 17/10/13
My 34th book this year.)

This book is about a feisty young aspiring writer called Jocelyn. With a disturbing past full of loss and pain, she struggles to maintain friendships an to let people get close to her.

Moving to Dublin Street, she shares a cab with a sexy arrogant stranger and she finds herself thinking about him for the next few days.

Jocelyn’s new housemate is Ellie. Through much drama, Ellie and Jocelyn form a bond if friendship.

The sexy stranger appears in Jocelyn’s life again in the most awkward moment. Naked and shocked, Jocelyn gives him an earful of abuse and from there, a very messed up and confusing relationship takes place.

The first chapter of this book drew me in straight away, but the next few chapters up to 30% into the book was immensely slow going. Much of a teaser but not giving us as the reader enough to go on. That’s why this book only got a 4.5 star rating.

Everything after that point in the book became action, drama and non stop attitude between the lead roles. I loved Joss and her fiery nature, I sometimes loved the way Braden was such a caveman. But there are times when his ego got the better of me and it was a little over the top.

All in all, the book gets better, the more you read. I laughed out loud, I shed a tear or two with a massive limp in my throat. I love books that draw me in enough to make me feel the pain, the happiness and I feel like I am part of the story. Well done Samantha Young for this amazing book!!

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