Book Review #33: Selling Scarlett by Ella James

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 17/09/13
My 32nd book this year.)

This book is about a sexy professional poker player called Hunter West whose best friend Marchant runs a members only escort club known as Love Inc. Hunter is chosen by a top porn star Priscilla Heat, although the two have a disturbing relationship, Hunter is always emotionally detached to the women he sleeps with.

Then along comes Libby, a student who has been infatuated by only one man in her life. After her first encounter with Hunter at age 16, he is the only man she has ever had a crush on enough to fantasise about being with.

Libby finds herself in a difficult situation after her lifelong friend, Cross, has a serious motor accident leaving him in a comatose state. Although Cross has rich parents, somehow they don’t care enough to keep funding for his healthcare. Cross is then moved to a state health care facility where his health deteriorates rapidly and Libby finds herself in desperate need for money to help her friend.

She comes up with the idea of selling her virginity to pay for Crosses medical bills. At 22 with a full figure, she manages to get a contract written up by the owner of Love Inc, who happens to be Hunter’s best friend, Marchant.

Libby somehow gets caught up in Hunter and Priscilla’s drama as she battles between her need for Hunter and her dignity at being played then pushed away, over and over again.

I love the storyline of this book. When a girls virginity is usually something of great importance and value, Libby was willing to sacrifice so much for a friend. I really enjoyed seeing the story unfold as we are met with desire and need, passion and fire between Hunter and Libby. With so much darkness surrounding them, both with miserable histories, somehow they fight the pain and wind up in deeper trouble after every encounter.

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