Book Review #32: Pieces of Lies by Angela Richardson

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 12/09/13
My 31st book this year.)

This book is about a girl called Norah who has escaped to a new town with her new name, hoping for a fresh start. The only person who knows the truth about her is her best friend, Josh, who has pretty much been in love with her since the day he met her.

This book flicks between Norah’s uncertain relationship with Josh and a rich boy, Clint.

Clint is a member of a secret society called the Lappell. Being a member means following direct orders from higher members without question, no matter what the orders may be.

The Lappell are made up of powerful and rich families, who hope to add to their power by recruiting mob members.

I only wanted to give this book a 2 star rating but the last chapter finally pulled me in. I WANT to read the second book but I hope it will be better than this one.

I hate how Norah has no idea which man she wants because other than Josh and Clint, there is also her Ex Fiance, Samuel. I hate that she can’t make up her mind which made me dislike her character throughout most of the book.

I gave the 3rd star because of the cliffhanger making me want to know what happens next.

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