Hazy Reality: Story Extract

“A rush of warmth flushes across my cheeks as your image flickers through my mind. In a hazy blur of black,white and colour; a mixture of reality and a dream, you give me one of your rare but heart melting smiles. I love how one corner of your mouth always lifts higher just as you discreetly wink at me past all the oblivious others.

It doesn’t matter that you have gone from my reality because I see you by my side at every turn. I hear the song that reminds me of you, I feel your touch when you used to hold my hand. I smile as I imagine what you are doing. I close my eyes to a whole different life, where you and I belong together as one.

When I sing and dance to my favourite songs, you mouth the lyrics and tap your foot along with my tunes. When I cruise around the dark winding roads you used to drive through, I feel the rush, my heart flutters just like it did every time I saw your face.

So here I am, laying alone in the darkness, with a smile across my face. No matter how difficult my reality is, I look forward to my beautiful nights filled with happiness, laughter and most important of all, love.”

Written by Ling Lee (07/08/13).

Inspired by someone important in my life. Even though out of reach and out of my life, there’s still a way to be with your loved ones if only you open your mind and follow where your heart wants to lead you.

I hope you all find something to smile about 🙂 Thank you for reading. Apologies for my super short extracts. I am trying to work out how to gain some quiet time to concentrate and to dive into making my dream come true.

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