Summer Sadness: Story Extract

“On a hot summer day with the wind breezing gently through my hair, I hear children running and playing through the park. On a day like this I should have a smile on my face, lying on a blanket with a good book and a cool drink by my side. So with all the energy I can muster, my lips tighten into more of a grimace than a smile. Inside I am crumbling as my heart bleeds the tears that I cannot let slip through my eyelids. I close my eyes and look up into the sky, sunlight pierces through the darkness, blinding me but I still feel the raw ache in my chest. Crying out a silent prayer I wish for the pain to subside. I wish to feel nothing because having nothing and feeling nothing is better than this torment of darkness and misery. Every step I take feels like I’m dragging myself through a pool of water, cold and heavy footed, a transparent force pushing against my every move. With every breath I fight for air. I feel like I’m drowning but there’s no one there to help me.”

Written by Ling Lee (24/07/13).

One of my shorter extracts but I was cut off mid stride and now have not only a splitting headache but also a frustration that cannot be described. I hate losing concentration and being distracted from my end goal. But here is today’s piece.
I apologise for ruining a perfectly beautiful warm evening with my negative outbursts but this is what wants to be written.

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