The Flying Messenger: Story Extract

“A flutter of delicate wings fly across the lake. Her dainty little feet dip just below the surface, tracing an intricate pattern across the water. A dusting of sparkles fall from her wings, the sign to tell her sisters it’s safe to come out and play. She peers into the depths of the water, fidgeting in anticipation. A slight ripple of waves wash under her as her sisters rise up to the surface.

Moonlight shimmers across the lake as the rippling waves dance with the beautiful night creatures. A golden mass of hair cascades down her bare back whilst she cuts through the surface of the water to join her winged sister. With a mischievous grin she splashes and aims straight for Skyla’s translucent wings.

Darting away from the droplets of water, not wanting to spend another night sitting out from the fun, Skyla keeps her wings tucked away behind her back, dodging to the side and jumping onto a nearby rock. With her hand on one hip and a serious look on her face, she wiggles her index finger from side to side before bursting into a fit of giggles. The rest of her water sisters swim closer to join her, circling the rock that she’s sitting on.

Swimming in a jumble of arms and fins, the girls all chatter and fight for Skyla’s attention. Everyone wants to be the chosen one for a chance to walk mother nature’s earth…”

Written by Ling Lee (06/07/13).

I’m hoping to one day write more than one novel. With Faeries, Mermaids and other beautiful creatures who are all on a quest to save their realm from disappearing. They must remind human children that they exist. If no one believes in them then their species slowly but surely fall into a trance and become lost in a time of their own.

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