Wanting You: Story Extract

“Gazing out at the lake, moonlight glimmers across the rippling water. Every movement creating a new sprinkle of light as it dances through the night.

My eyes look through the windscreen but my mind is captured by your presence. Trying to suppress the grin from spreading across my face, I glance sideways where you sit relaxed, with your body turned towards me and your back leaning against the driver’s side door. Our eyes meet and a tingle runs all over my body, skimming across my skin as though your hungry eyes have touched me.

A flush of heat rushes through me, lingering on my cheeks as I blush and look away. My hands lay restless in my lap whilst my mind remains confused. I don’t know if I should leave my hand on the edge of the seat or if I should keep them clamped together in my lap, fully aware of the sweat building in my palm.

I can feel you looking at me, my heart thumps loud and fast. I’m both nervous and excited to be so close to you. It feels like time has stopped and the only thing in the world that matters right now is you. I can hear my breath become rapid and shallow as I struggle to control my most basic needs. I wonder if you feel it too.

Glancing your way, I see your eyes connect with mine, my heart pounds an unfamiliar beat. I bite my lower lip to keep from grinning like a fool at you. Suddenly you lean forward, close enough so I can feel your breath stroke my burning cheeks.

Your eyes demand my undivided attention and somewhere in between, your fingers have wound through my hair, tracing slow, gentle circles at the nape of my neck. Gripping the edge of my seat for balance, I’m afraid to break the spell. Finally something good is mine. I see you close your eyes and feel your lips brush mine, soft and warm. Our first kiss, leaving me wide eyed and wanting more…”

Written by Ling Lee (13/06/13).

Something beautiful in life. Just a simple kiss making every bad thing disappear if only for a single moment.

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