Forgotten Smile: Story Extract

“I can’t remember the last time I smiled. Every moment of every day I fight to keep my sanity. The stress just keeps piling high, ready to tumble over. Sometimes I wish I could wake up and forget every experience and every memory, just for some peace and quiet.

A tear slips down my face and onto my pillow, leaving a nice dark patch on the fabric. I don’t want to cry myself to sleep anymore. It’s too much effort to wake up with sore puffy eyes. I don’t want to pretend like there’s not a worry in my life anymore.

My life is sh*t. When nobody listens and nobody cares, I realise I made a mistake somewhere but I can’t pinpoint when my tears of laughter became tears of pain and sorrow. My days feel longer as I watch the minutes on the clock tick over and over, counting down the misery I have left to endure.

I hate to finally get home only to lay in bed alone, curled up in a pool of tears. Then I remember a day when you made me smile. Your infectious smile and your passion for life. You used to hate sleeping because you didn’t want to miss a moment. For just a few heartbeats you were solely mine. I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Then it was over and you were gone from my life, along with everything else worth smiling about. Now I lay here into the early hours of the night, trying to think of a reason to smile. The blurry image of your beautiful face appears and I smile at another memory that I will never forgot. A moment when I used to lay on your chest and listen to nothing except your heartbeat and your steady breath as you held me…”

Written by Ling Lee (11/06/13).

I wouldn’t survive another day if it wasn’t for these beautiful memories to pull me through the darkness. i just have to remember how to smile from the heart.

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2 thoughts on “Forgotten Smile: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    Wow this is truly written from the heart & is a very beautiful piece hunni. XxXX

    • Thank you for your continued support hun. It’s a shame for any of us to see the dark side in life but it happens and my words can only touch the surface of how it truly feels to feel so low.
      I like to capture moments in life and I’d very much like to capture more happy times. Thank you for my confidence boost every time you enjoy a piece of my work 🙂 xx

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