Awaiting Inspiration: Story Extract

“Deep into the night, my pen is poised as I wait for something to inspire me. Hovering over the lined white paper, words fail me but my hand begins to release lines of ink across the page. Stroke after stroke, with every line, a face appears. He stares at me through his solid black eyes.

Recognition sparks my mind and frustration follows with the hazy uncertainty. I feel like I know him but I can’t place him in my life. I admire his image and smile at his lips, slightly raised on one side. His playful manner has escaped onto my page as his serious gaze stares right at me. My finger traces his jawline, leaving a slight smudge on the page where a blob of ink from the cheap biro has leaked.

I jump at the cracking sound from my wooden window frame. Such a gentle, quiet night draws suspicion to my thoughts. I drop the pen and take a deep calming breath. Walking towards the window, I check the lock and peer outside. Nothing but a few scattered stars and a thin crescent moon to decorate the sky. Only the stars and my wild imagination to keep me company. The feeling of safety washes over me as I release the breath I forgot I was holding…”

Written by Ling Lee (04/06/13).

I’ve been distracted and lost again this week. I’m frustrated that words have eluded me. I could see myself trying to draw instead of writing, but unfortunately I make a terrible artist. Hopefully this piece isn’t a complete waste as I desperately wanted to write another extract tonight.

(I want this piece to work into my ‘First Blood’ vampire extracts.)

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3 thoughts on “Awaiting Inspiration: Story Extract

  1. I did enjoy reading that. There is always an immediance, an urgency, to your words, as if you are trying to get them down onto paper in the little amount of time that you have available.

    Would like to read something a little more indepth and longer, so give you more time to weave the story you are trying to tell, but I understand that there isnt much time for that ….

    • Thank you boybailey… I always appreciate feedback whether good or bad. I’d very much like to sit down to write longer pieces. I will try to write a short story with a beginning, middle and end.

      I always rush straight into my work because one the moment has gone, i can never find the same words again. I love writing so much. It is a part of who I am 🙂

      Hope u keep reading and keep commenting! If it’s good then please pass on my link to anyone else u know who might also enjoy my work! Many thanks!!! X

  2. Charlie

    We all get lost sometimes hun, finding inspiration can be hard at times, but appears when we least expect it. XxXXx

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