First Blood part 2: Story Extract

“She screams at the sight before her. Feathers, blood and dead chickens lay in the middle of her barn. Instead of running back into the house she wanders closer to the heap of bodies for a closer look. Broken legs and necks, but none of the flesh had been mauled at. Confused, she keeps thinking until one word springs to mind… Vampire. Then she scolds herself at even considering there is such thing in real life, yet she can’t think of a logical reason for this attack. An animal attack would have left guts strewn around the area, more mess and less flesh on the bodies. She knows because it has happened before. The bodies would be torn apart, but these bodies just look dead and possibly drained of blood. What an unusual find. She shuffles back to the barn entrance in her well worn slippers. Clutching at her robes from the chill of the night air. The barn door is destroyed, one side hanging off a broken hinge. Wooden planks broken, sharp ends protruding in different directions. It looks like something crashed into the barn with a lot of force.

Coming to her senses, she realises the possible dangers lurking in the night and turns to rush back to the house and report her findings to the police. Calm and collected, she dials the number, soon after, the police come round to record the nights events, they finally leave with photographs and sheets of paperwork for their case. Once they have left she checks her windows and doors before heading back upstairs to her welcoming bed.

Tossing and turning, exhausted but sleep alludes her, she gets up and wanders over to the bathroom. She stares into the mirror and gets a feeling of someone watching her. Not one to be paranoid she turns to look over her shoulder, a silhouette clearly stands outside her window…”

Written by Ling Lee (19/05/13).

Not such an exciting extract but the next part none the less. I feel like this vampire story could be a start to my first novel. Toying around with a few ideas of story lines and subject matter. I don’t want to give up too much of the story so I might write part 3 from my vampires point of view, then keep the rest of this piece secret until later on. I’m really enjoying finally taking another small step closer towards my dream.

Thank you all for staying with me through this journey. Especially Charlie Cooper for your support at every turn! X

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