Book Review #26: Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 18/05/13
My 25th book this year.)

This is Book 2 of the Leaving Paradise series.

Maggie is now more confident, daring and stronger. Caleb is still very much the same. Being dragged into the police station for a drug related offence, he has no choice but to call his previous transition counsellor from when he was released early from a juvenile detention centre.

The book brings Maggie and Caleb together to battle out their confused feeling for one another. Both very much needing one another but finding it very difficult to overcome all the troubles in their way.

This book focuses on a group going on a month long trip to various outreach centres to teach other youngsters the importance of abiding by the law and how recklessness can ruin lives.

We meet a group of very unique characters who struggle to get along. Each with their own stories to reveal about what they did that changed their lives forever. Through sharing their hardships they bond and form mismatched friendships.

A very enjoyable book. Yet again a little too short. But otherwise I loved this book and would definitely recommend this to other readers. I could read Simone Elkeles books all day long. She is an amazing author who needs to keep up the great work. I love bad boys and girls who get caught up with them.

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