First Blood: Story Extract

“Crazed in an unstable frenzy of bundled up nerves. I’ve woken up with sensory overload. My eyes are stinging at every streak of light, scrunching them up tight, I try to cover them with my open palms. In the darkness I can hear worms wriggling through the earth, mice scurrying across floorboards, the rush of blood bursting through bodies with every beat of the heart.

I’m aware of an unbelievable thirst and find myself scampering, part running, trying to hold my body upright as I head for the first source of water echoing up the well. I trip and fall almost head first at the rough stone ridge of the well. Gripping the edge to stabilise myself, it crumbles in my hand like a digestive biscuit. I stare in awe for a split second before grabbing the handle and turning for the bucket to bring up the thirst quenching water. My throat is parched, the inner walls are so dry it feels like my throat has closed up and stuck together.

I can hear the chickens in the nearby barn, hay shuffling across the concrete floor as they ruffle their feathers to keep warm in their peaceful slumber. Desperately dehydrated, the bucket finally reaches the opening as I grab it and dunk my mouth and nose into the water, gulping like my life depended on it. I rear back and splutter, gasping for air and choking at this seemingly foreign liquid, tasting of dirt. My throat constricts as my body tenses, listening to the dull thud of every beat, pushing the blood through veins and arteries. My thoughts run wild as my hands tear at my hair, I smell the metallic tinge of iron as a clump of hair comes away in my hand. Suddenly I realise my situation, hazy memories flicker in and out of my mind. I was left for dead, but I am now awake and standing. My posture awkward, my crazy thirst driving me wild. Honed in instincts of survival kicking in as all I can hear is the blood rush and all I can smell is the metallic taste of blood.

I turn in the direction I came from sprinting as fast as I can, I burst through the barn doors, scaring the chickens into a wide eyed frenzy of beating feathers and increased heart rates. Excitement runs through me as I lick my lips and grab the nearest chicken by the legs and I feel something snap, it’s wing’s flapping at me trying to escape my grasp. All I can hear is it’s blood, teasing me with it’s warmth. Without another thought, My other hand grabs it along the neck, I tear into it’s throat, getting a mouthful of feathers. I can’t decide if I should swallow them along with the blood or stop to spit them out. My need for the blood is too strong. I can’t stop. The blood spurts at my face, down my chin, as the chicken finally stills, I realise it is dying but I continue to drink from this makeshift flask until there’s not a drop left.

Such a small animal and so little blood. I throw away the remains and reach out for the next body. This time pausing to rip out the feathers around its neck and tucking its wings into its body to make an easier meal. Somewhere into my 5th drink, I seem to have gained an ounce of control. My ears pick up a new sound, of feet shuffling across the short grass. A new delicious smell, sweet as honey, a much louder rhythm sings through her veins. I panic as I realise I’m about to drain her if she comes any closer, so I bolt out of the back of the barn and sprint like a wild animal escaping, running for my life.

I stand, shaking, staring at my hands. Seeing the bloody mess I have made. My eyes seem to be adjusting as the shadows dance in the night. I stop to listen out for the beautiful, brave woman and count slowly, hoping to stay in control…”

Written by Ling Lee (16/05/13).

My love for vampires never die. An eternal love for this immortal creature. It’s immense beauty and strengths; hearing, sight and speed. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. I’m trying to merge 2 ideas into one book.

Excitement floods into me with every word that escapes my mind. Happiness fills my being with every read and every comment you all leave for me. Many thanks for your time and support. X

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2 thoughts on “First Blood: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    Really good hunni, I am left wanting to know what happens next! Please write a follow up babe. XxXxX

    • πŸ™‚ thanks loads hun… I’ll see when I have time. I have to be in the right state of mind to write but I will try to write part 2 for u πŸ™‚ as always, thank u for your every comment and support Charlie xx

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