Smiling Through Tears: Story Extract

“The darkness has claimed me as its own. Heavy hearted, full of sorrow and regret for everything that my life has become. Each smile hides a million tears, just waiting for the first drop to fall before all the other drops follow in a flood.

If anyone really cared or really loved me they’d see behind this facade. Anyone who looked into my eyes would see the pain etched upon my every feature except for my deceiving smile.

Gritting my teeth as my lips are forced to lift. I wish I could brighten my darkened soul. The miserable cold reminds me of my eternal loneliness. The path I have chosen to walk will destroy me, but it feels like it’s too far to turn back.

Depression settles within me, like death sucking away at life. My feet feel rooted to the floor as every step forward takes all the effort I can muster. This broken smile is the only thing left of my former self. This smile is the only thing stopping me from destroying everyone in my path. Nothing matters any more, no one can help me any more…”

Written by Ling Lee

Depression is a constant invisible force. It drains you, it controls you and it destroys any hope of happiness you may have. Look into the eyes of the person you care for most, don’t let them face the darkness alone. Help them before they get lost and never find their way back to you…

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2 thoughts on “Smiling Through Tears: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    This is me. It seems you have looked into my soul & described exactly who I am now & how I feel. It is very sad to know that for someone to truly understand the darkness, they have to live through it themselves first XxXxXx

    • Thank u babe. It means so much to me. But it’s heartbreaking when anyone you know has felt all the downs and darkness. I just hope you have more good days than you do bad. I make the most of it and use it in my work. But you never have to get by alone. U know where to find me xx

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