Book Review #25: Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished 10/05/13
My 24th book this year.)

I loved this book. It was too short and too rushed otherwise I would have given this a 5.

This book is about a 17yr old, Caleb, who gets out of Juvenile Detention early by agreeing to take on community service. He was sentenced for drunk driving along with hit and run. The victim of his crime is Maggie, his twin sisters best friend.

A year after the car accident life has changed for everyone. Both Maggie and Caleb used to be popular students at school, now they wander through the halls being the topic of gossip each for very different reasons.

Caleb battles to undo his wrong. Hoping for another chance in life. He just wants to be himself but his family want him to pretend to be someone he’s not.

Maggie just feels sorry for herself until she meets Mrs Reynolds, a very old lady who helps break her self loathing, helping her find the person she once was.

Caleb and Maggie inevitably cross paths and somehow give the worst possible match a chance. Due to miscommunication and bad timing their relationship is a struggle as much as their lives are.

I couldn’t put the book down but each chapter ending was too abrupt. I kept flicking pages to make sure I didn’t miss a chunk out. Caleb was too much of a softie and Maggie had too little spirit.

Although I can’t see this actually happening in real life, I still enjoyed the book.

All in all I definitely recommend this book to others. Simone Elkeles is an amazingly good author, I can’t wait to read book 2 of the series.

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