In the Club: Story Extract

“Tapping my feet in turn to the beat of the song, I’m itching to get up and do my thing on the dance floor. I watch as the sheen of sweat on their bodies sway, and snake around one another, a gentle brush here and a light touch there. Teasing and grinning at each other, the music pounding away, freeing themselves from the troubles of the day. Other bodies dance a whole different freestyle, grinding and grasping, their bodies moulded together as one. Stray eyes wander, wanting to see more of that delicate skin on display, hoping to get a dance in for themselves.ย 

The DJ stands, head bopping at his set, scanning the crowd relishing their enjoyment at his choice of tunes. Catching the eye of a lone girl, dancing away in the centre of the club floor, he winks as he spins the disc and increases the rhythm, closing his eyes as he raises a hand and hollers to his signature tune.

I sit in the dark, bay seat corner cradling my pina colada, dreaming of another time in another place when you were here. Hands on my hips swaying to the beat behind me, not quite touching but enough to tease causing a rush of heat to simmer through my body. My arm raised, snaked around the back of your neck, back moving against your toned torso. I close my eyes and sway to the DJ’s song, on my feet and creeping my way onto the floor.ย 

My fingers run down the side of my ribcage, across my exposed stomach as the strobe lights flicker their neon lights, I imagine your hands sneaking across my clothes and skin like they once used to. I lose myself to the tune and the heat, every beat taking away a second of my worries, I relax and let my feet and body take over. Peace washes through me as I swing my head from left to right, my hair flings and brushes past the closest body to mine. The frantic rhythm plays as my hips roll, merging myself into the crowd, a pair of stray hands capture me dragging our bodies into this exotic dance. All senses of danger elude me as I feel those hands roam up my thighs, I inhale and let this random body help me relive this daydream…”

Written by Ling Lee (09/05/13).

I love to hit the club but have never been daring enough to let a random body dance with me. I love to let the blasting beats drown out my troubles and let my body take over to the beats. The best relief in the world. If only I could hit the dance floor every night. Then all my troubles would run away with my mind. Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did when I wrote it.ย 

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2 thoughts on “In the Club: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    Really good hunni. Its easy to lose your self in music & you clearly show this in this story. Keep going babe!! Always enjoy reading your work. XxXxXx

    • ๐Ÿ˜€ i love to capture different moments in life… Still trying to piece them together so they flow better ๐Ÿ™‚ hope to have this novel written before i turn 35 lol ๐Ÿ˜› thanks again for supporting me hun! Xx

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