Stalker on the Prowl: Story Extract

“The moment you realise that everything you have done is too little, too late. Your face falls and you feel a splintering ache resonate through your body. Like a ripple in water, the pain comes in waves, coursing through you, reminding you of every time you took her for granted. I watch you crumble and collapse into a heap on the floor. I smile as I see karma finally catch up to you. Every ounce of pain you feel, doesn’t even come close to the pain you caused her over all these months. You watch her walk away from you, for the first and the last time. She has finally come to her senses and she’s finally realised, no matter what she does for you, you will never appreciate her for who she is and how much she wants to make an impact and make a change in your life.

She should have chosen me. I’d take care of her. I’d watch her and I’d never hurt her in any of the ways you did. I like to watch her. But every time you hurt her I want to hurt you just as much. Every time you make a tear fall from her eye, I want to make you cry, I want to break you like you are breaking her.

I watch you listen to that song, blasting, every beat pounding at you, every hurtful word attacking you the way you used to hurt her. I lean back into the shadows, just as your head turns to look out the window. You never see me. You never notice. I always see you. I always see her.

You never deserved her but you deserve all the pain that you feel for hurting her. How did you never realise what she was to you? What she did for you. You know you are wrong, I’m lucky she wont even look at you any more, otherwise she would probably fall straight back into your arms again. She warned you. You never believed she would walk from you. Now I’m here to pick up the pieces.

Now I’m here to save her and make sure no one will hurt her in any way again. She loved you unconditionally until now. I see you watch her go and realise, this time she wont be looking back for you. She was yours but you never gave yourself to her. You played and cheated on her without remorse, never felt guilty when girl after girl threw themselves at you. You welcomed them all with open arms and even led them to your bed. She wanted you exclusively, apparently she’s not that kind of girl. Now you’ve realised you want her but I wont let you hurt her again. You’d better stay away from her or I will make sure you can’t take another step again. I know what you do, I know your routines, just like I know hers. She’s the one I want in my life forever. I will take care of her better than your ever did. I wont hurt her the same way you did.

She said it was too late to apologise. She was cold. Her eyes were defeated and empty. It pains me to see her like this. You broke her, you know now. You’re sorry. But sorry won’t make all the pain you made her feel go away. Sorry wont erase those nights from her life when you made her cry herself to sleep. Sorry wont make all your wrong’s right. Apparently your apologies always come too late, including this one. Now I wait for my moment to become her saviour and shoulder to cry on.

When she is mine, she will only be mine and nobody else’s. Time and patience. I have all the time in the world. She will be mine. As I check my GPS tagger, I head in that direction and I bet I will run into her at her favourite spot on the lake, where she sits with her arms wrapped round her knees and head resting on her arms. I’ll be there to protect her…”


Written by Ling Lee (03/05/13)

Something gives me the creeps. When you feel like someone is watching you and you never quite catch them. Every stranger in your life could be one of these dangerous people who have a need to own you, they will be so good to you, but you can never, EVER leave them.

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