Book Review #23: Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

I rate this book 4 out of 5 Stars.

(Finished Reading 29/04/13

This is my 22nd book this year.)

This book is about a big manly commando known as Hawk and a Cosmo girl called Gwen. Gwen knows Hawk as mystery man because night after night for months on end she knows nothing about this man except that he knows just how to please her.

One day something changes. Gwen’s life gets turned upside down when her sister brings trouble literally to her doorstep. Hawk appears in daylight for the first time and is suddenly here to protect Gwen. Their relationship status also changes suddenly as Hawk takes her out to dinner, buys her gifts and even stays over night and meets the parents.

Gwen gets herself involved with a biker leader, Tack, and his crew, also because of her troublesome sister, Ginger. Gwen has a trail of men who try to fight for her attention, Tack included. All good looking men who are all ready to step up to take care of her. She finds herself attracted to them and pulled like a game of tug of war between each man.

Ginger brings destruction and danger into Gwen’s life. Owing drug dealers crazy sums of cash, along with upsetting the wrong people and knowing too much information as well as trying to trade information for money. Gwen finds herself caught up in a world where drive by shootings at her house, along with firebombs and kidnapping, keep her on her toes and Hawk tries to claim her as his whilst fighting off the competition.

I enjoyed this book but it was a little OTT (Over The Top). Too much happened in a short space of time. I absolutely loved the ending, so whatever you do, if you pick this book up you must read from cover to cover until the last sentence. I would recommend this book to others but I wouldn’t say that it has made my favourite books list.

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