The Woman at the Bakery Store: Story Extract

“Standing outside peering into the glass counter, an assortment of delicious pastries and buns entice me.  The sweet smells of sugar, eggs and flour make my mouth water with want. There’s too many to choose from and I want a piece of each and every flavour; plain, coffee, vanilla, green tea, mango, strawberry and more. At times like these I realise my stomach can’t hold nearly enough food as I would like it to, but I also hate wasting food so choices must be made.

A commotion to my immediate left disturbs me from my current enchantment. My mind wanders back into reality where everything isn’t merely sweet and beautiful. To my horror a very large, elderly lady has fallen over so I rush over to her side to help put her back on her feet. I leave my pastries behind for a moment and take hold of her by the elbow and arm. She struggles against me and pulls her arm from my touch, clutching her handbag with all her might.  I feel a tug at my heart and a swelling in my throat as I realise this old lady thinks I am trying to rob her. I keep trying to help her as I watch her struggle like an upside down turtle. A tear wells in my eyes and threatens to fall. A nearby shop own comes out with a chair and looks me over before realising I am trying to help the old lady and had no intentions of harming her.

What is this world coming to? I kind hearted gesture being misunderstood and ill thought of. I take the elderly woman by one elbow and arm, the shop owner grasps her by the other. Together we help her into the chair as she cries, white knuckles clenched, still clutching ever so tightly to her bag. She sits there panting heavily gasping for breath. She keeps trying to get up from the chair instead of steadying herself and taking time to recover. It’s so sad to see that no one else in the street could be bothered to stop and help her. The shop owner only came out to help because the woman fell over in front of her store and was blocking her shop entrance.

A world without compassion and kind heartedness. I am disheartened and no longer feel like eating. The lump in my throat has grown larger and my appetite has suddenly diminished as I watch the old lady hobble away in obvious pain. Without so much as a word of thanks or acknowledgement, she turns the corner and struggles on without help.”

Written by Ling Lee (27/04/13).

There’s so many dark souls. It hurts to know there is so little faith in others. There’s so much terror and badness in this world it’s eye opening to see things like this happen. I hope everyone will stop and help someone in need today, or any day. Let’s all help make the world a better place, one at a time. Thank you for reading and have a nice day to you all.

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2 thoughts on “The Woman at the Bakery Store: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    Thank you for reminding others , whoo seem quick to judge, that not everyone is out to harm others. Its sad but true , that so many can just walk away & turn a blind eye to everything that is going on. Keep Going babe!! XxXx

    • Charlie, thanks again… I always wonder how some girls manage to look amazing no matter what the situation. I always end up being the one in my story lol…
      I also always see the bad things that happen and hear all the bad stories. I hate how people can’t just be nice and considerate if not all the time, then at least for the majority of the time. What I hate the most is feeling unsafe in the streets. When any person could be out there to steal from you or hurt you.
      I mostly want to remind people to take extra caution when they venture out at night.
      On a positive note… I’m glad I have you to encourage me for each and every piece of work Charlie!! Thanks again 🙂 xx

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