Beauty in the Park: Story Extract

“Wearing a peach coloured summer dress, I walk across the park and follow the cemented route without veering onto the grass. My golden strappy sandals wont agree too much if my feet aren’t standing on solid ground where I can see what I’m stepping on. I keep to my side of the path and consciously scan the park to see if he’s here again. No luck so far. I can’t decide if I should keep walking in this direction or turn back round and wear out this part of the path along with my ‘not made for walking’ shoes. Whilst I was thinking, I must have carried on walking because I have wandered around the bend and there he is again looking even more amazing than he did yesterday. I wonder if he will catch my eye today, or if I will be lucky enough for him to stop and say hi so we can swap pleasantries about today’s lovely sunny weather and maybe even discuss another subject alongside that.

He’s out walking his beautiful grey husky and playing fetch. Right now he’s stopped to ruffle the fur above its’ head as it nuzzles into his hand. I’m guessing it’s a she-dog. I don’t like to use the proper term with the “B” word because that word is too commonly used in reference to nasty girls who don’t keep their hands, mouths, and under dressed bodies to themselves. That “B” word is too harsh a word to describe this beautiful dog I wish I had the good fortune to see more of.

I can feel a light breeze and hope that maybe, just as he turns and sees me on my daily, so called ‘stroll in the park’, the wind might pick up just a fraction and whisk my hair into a golden frenzy and fan out across my shoulders. I’d be one of those captured moments on a ‘Country Life’ magazine.

To my good luck and fulfilled silent wish, the wind sure picks up. The husky towards me pulling her owner along with her. I’m just about to strike my ‘model standing still and looking nonchalant pose’ when the wind whips my hair across my face. I turn my head and hope my untied hair will cooperate and fan out across my shoulders the way it was supposed to. Shaking my head from side to side, frustration hits me and I feel a spell of dizziness join me. The husky and owner are getting close enough to be within talking distance soon and I’m not ready to face him today. With my mouthful of hair and the wind threatening to expose my panties to everyone in the park, I don’t know if I should be keeping my hair out of my face or holding my dress down with both hands to keep my dignity.

The beautiful blue eyed husky has apparently seen something of great interest and has suddenly started running in my direction. I turn to get out of it’s way just as someone on a bike passes forcing me to stay on my side of the path. Before I know it I’ve been knocked onto the grass, my elbow is unbelievably sore, my forearm grazed and I think I could quite possibly have skidded across the grass a few inches; definitely across my buttocks and right thigh.

This was not worth it. I try to get up and realise my butt hurts too much so I stay put for a few seconds. I lower my forehead so that it rests on my knees that are now drawn up close to my body. These embarrassing things only happen to people in movies and obviously to me. I was supposed to be the picture perfect model and now I can barely show my face. Lucky no one recognised me. I gingerly attempt to get up. I hear footsteps running by and a voice shout “I’m so sorry my Wolfy knocked you over.”

I cringe as I realise he’s come back for me. I guess I got my other wish fulfilled. He’s kneeling right here and talking to me about something other than the weather. I should be grateful but I just feel my heated cheeks burn up in embarrassment at my flailing arms and pathetic scream replay itself in my head…”

Written by Ling Lee (25/04/13).

I was trying out a little bit of fun again. I was walking home the other day and saw this scene play out in my head. I thought I’d try to capture the moment and get it into words on a page for you lovely readers. Hope you like this one. I hope it had it’s intended effect. If you made it this far, I hope it made you smile because I’m sure it wasn’t what you were expecting to read. Enjoy the sun because no doubt it wont last long. Many thanks for reading my work. Comments are very much welcome whether they be positive or negative. Thanks again.

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One thought on “Beauty in the Park: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    This is good & I can see the funny side hunni. As someone whom so often makes a fool of herself, its nice to know other people do feel that way at times as well. XxXx

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