Drained: Story Extract

“Euphoric relief settles upon me as I direct my pent up emotions straight at the bag. Every punch brings an image of his mocking face to surface. I aim straight for his face with a right hook connecting dead centre. His taunting insults fuel my anger as my leg connects with the bag and the image of him bent over, doubled up in pain as satisfaction washes over me. I smile and dodge as the bag swings back at me.

It’s such a shame I’m not confrontational, otherwise I wouldn’t be in my current mess. As a daily routine, I escape my torturous life by beating this bag with all my heart. Every ounce of energy is thrown at it until I drop to my knees with sweat rolling off my forehead.

Every night I train myself to be better, to be stronger. Once my energy is  drained I feel the rush of adrenaline finally subside. Then the empty, hollow feeling returns, until the next time he reminds me how lucky I am to be his. The sad truth is I still believe him even though I can’t remember why…”

Written by Ling Lee (21/04/13).

I started out hoping to write a happier piece but it seems my mind has led me elsewhere yet again. Rather than to fight the words, I let my mind wander and the letters escape from me onto the page. I hope someday soon I can be writing endless happy extracts instead of the more serious topics I have covered. Be strong! 

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2 thoughts on “Drained: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    This is very easy for me to relate to babe. I find your work so easy to read , Its becomes part of me for a short moment in time. XxXx

    • Thank u so much for your support babe. I can’t say it enough times, it means so much to me. Every time you read or comment. I hope to write longer pieces by next year but with kiddies and minimal time slots I am limited on what i can do. Hope u continue to support me all the way and one day your name will be in my book on the thank you page 😛 have a good day and hope u keep up to date with my work hun x

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