Honest Mistake: Story Extract

“Ry, it was so bad, you should’ve seen the look on his face.”
He laughs so hard tears spring to his eyes as he responds “Only you could do something like that K!”

Rolling my eyes at zero sympathy from my best friend, Ryan, with the additional taunts. I cross my arms and put on an all too serious face. I knew I should’ve kept my latest embarrassing moment to myself. But that’s what besties are for. Through better or for worse. We are inseparable and understand each other without a need for words. We can see something normal and look at one another then just break out into hysterical fits because we’d know what the other would’ve said. Like my current situation. I knew Ryan would die laughing but I had to tell him because at least one of us is laughing even though it’s at my expense.

Ry catches my eye, I can see him physically clamping his lips together in a miserable attempt at curbing his laughter and that’s all it takes to set him off again as he sputters his apologies in between gasping for air.

I guess my serious face doesn’t count for anything when Ryan’s involved. Even I can’t believe I did it. I was caught up in the moment. He was so close to my face looking apparently past me and not at me. We’ve sat at this coffee shop once a week for so long. We talk about the weather, talk about my princess then he said “Kiss me” so I did. Without thinking, I just leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. I inhaled ever so slightly and smelt his musky soapy scent. Then my lips brushed his cheek with my eyes closed. Then his eyes were wide open in shock as I realise he was talking to my 3year old daughter who was leaning over the table across me. Absolutely mortified I grabbed her and ran out.

So that’s why Ryan is now still dying from laughter as I sit in silence sulking about my honest mistake…”

Written by Ling Lee (18/04/13).

Did this piece work? I was just thinking about when a person likes someone and thinks about kissing them whilst they are talking at the same time. Could this really happen? Honest mistakes happen 🙂

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One thought on “Honest Mistake: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    I think its good, i honestly believed it was gunna be something tragic but amusing until the end. Its really good hunni XxXx

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