Vow of Abstinence: Story Extract

“I concentrate on dragging my eyes away from half a team of drop dead gorgeous rugby players. With their bulging triceps, biceps, abs and all sorts of muscles that strain against their striped t shirts. I curse under my breath at my bad timing for taking that vow of abstinence.

Why did I agree to this bet? One whole year and so far we have almost gotten through month one. Now these beautiful bodies are standing in line mocking me and this horrendous vow. I roll my eyes as my best friend knows my weakness to a man and big muscles. Especially one in particular with a tattoo peeking out from the sleeve of his top and his hair skinned to the scalp.

I love to run my fingers across that bald top and feel the bristles of stubbled hairs tickle under my fingertips. I’d love to examine that tattoo at a closer range to determine if it is in fact a dragon or a phoenix tail twitching for my attention.

Taking in a ragged breath, eyes closed and slowly exhaling. I remind myself of the year long swearing off men. Any form of sexual contact only excluding comforting hugs when the dark times reside in me. Then that bulk of baldness and tattoos backs right into me as he turns and his deep blue eyes hold my gaze. His laughing face falters whilst he looks right at me, stumbling for the words to form an apology for crushing my brand new Jimmy Choos…”

Written by Ling Lee (15/04/13).

This piece is a lot more fun. Restrictions and lust. The best emotions to toy with. A bit of fun. A lot of laughter when the girls can talk and look but not touch…

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One thought on “Vow of Abstinence: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    We always seem to want most , what we know we must not have! Once again, you seem to catcher these emotions so clearly babe!! XxXxX

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