Fallen Angel: Story Extract

“His wings extended from his shoulder blades. Made up of raven black feathers all ruffled and torn. Fresh blood matted down patches into his magnificent wings with scratches and cuts across his bare muscular chest. I watch as he falls down on one knee, his good arm supporting him from collapsing into a heap on the floor.

I yelped out loud and rush towards him, fearless. The moment I got close enough to touch this beautiful being, a searing pain shoots through my temples leaving me blinded and immobilised as ironically I am the one who collapses onto the floor. Tears seep through my clenched eyelids as I breathe through the pain. Behind closed eyes I can still see the jet black feathers scattered around his fallen form.

I reach out in vain to touch this being, with one thumb and finger clamped across my temple, the other searches ahead to touch the most beautiful face I’ve ever known. Except my hand meets with nothing but a gentle breeze and a waft of burning firewood greets my nostrils.

The pain in my head begins to subside and my eyes frantically search for the fallen angel who’s face I have met in my dreams over and over. With every sleeping moment our encounters become more intense. Now he’s come to find me, but is he here to save me or to destroy me?”

Written by Ling Lee (11/04/23).

The start of something interesting. I love the idea of angels. I love wings and fairies and magic and supernatural beings. I love how there can be endless types of wings just as many as the endless types of witches, vampires and other fantasy filled characters.

I want to explore my passion for beautiful creatures and see where this leads me…

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2 thoughts on “Fallen Angel: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    Wow thats fantastic Ling, Angels are very beautiful & powerful beings. Keep going. XxXx

    • 🙂 not sure if i got it right but its supposed to be me finding a fallen angel from my dreams but i’m not certain that he’s real. I can’t get close enough to touch him coz he puts a spell out to stop anyone getting close enough. He’s obviously hurt but I believe he is real. I can see him and smell him. Now i need to work out what he wants and why i can’t touch him… lots of different types of wings on the way i hope 🙂 x

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