Wings: Story Extract

“Skeletal wings with translucent webbing crinkle open as she flexes and tests them. In the blink of an eye her wings burst open to its full size. Large on the upper section and smaller on the lower portion. Like insect wings seen through a magnifying glass, the fragile skeletal outline is black and with well defined lines. The see through webbing holding the skelton together has fine lines passing through leaving intricate patterns swirled across its canvas.

She flicks her wings and I watch as they move unsteady and uncoordinated causing her to lose her footing. Arms stretched out to the sides to regain her balance, she tries again. Small movements until they flicker in a beautiful coordinated grace. Fluttering, sending a light breeze as the wings waft at the tree leaves beside her. I can smell a light woody fragrance. My senses must be overloaded as I watch mesmerised by its beauty at the impossible that has just been made possible. She has wings and I think she can fly!”

Written by Ling Lee (08/04/13).

Having a go at fantasy and a complete new realm with new characters and hopefully new landscapes to explore. This is what I want to do. Free my imagination and create a world of my own to escape to.

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