Book Review #21: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

I rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

(Finished Reading 08/04/13
My 20th book this year.)

I love the title. I enjoyed the middle of the story, but the start and end spoilt the book.

Chloe is an intelligent hard working secretary for the Ryan family firm. When Mr Beautiful Bennet Ryan comes home to join the company, Chloe is arranged to be his PA.

Due to such supposedly hot headed stubborn and strong personalities, they clash and apparently hate one another.

Eventually they become involved with each other and seemingly cannot keep their bodies apart. We read through the book from both perspectives.

I hated that the characters have been taken from the Cullen family in twilight. I hated the idea of 2 people ‘hating’ each other and ending up in each others pants. I also hated that this book was too much action and not enough story.

Once Chloe and Bennet began a real relationship, I began to take better interest but I felt like the sex scenes over powered the book too much.

Another bad point is that Chloe and Bennet felt like the same person. There was too much unnecessary swearing from both characters. If it wasn’t for the obvious male and female perspectives and being told at the start of each chapter who’s eyes we were seeing each scene as, I don’t think the reader would be able to tell any difference between the two characters.

Unfortunately I would not recommend this book unless you just want a hot and steamy bedtime read.

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