To a better tomorrow: Story Extract

“I close my eyes and hope that sleep will bring a better tomorrow. A tomorrow with love and happiness. I’ve had enough of the pains and sorrows, regret and stress. Sometimes I even hope for eternal sleep to claim me so I can live in my dreams forever. Knowing my luck I’ll be stuck in a nightmare just as bad as the life I’ve been dealt with.

It’s awful when there’s nowhere to escape to, no one to talk to and no one you can trust enough to listen. To not judge you and just hold you through the moment. To embrace you until you have the strength to stand back up on your own two feet.

Feeling more alone than I’ve ever been before, I lie curled up at the foot of the bed, refusing to move. Tonight I drown in my sorrows. But tomorrow will be a new day with a new beginning…”

Written by Ling Lee (03/04/13).

Wondering when I can start living the way life was ment to be. Looking for a hero to rescue me. Does everyone get a second chance at life?

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