Restless nights: Story Extract

“Eyes squeezed shut in pitch black silence, desperate to fall asleep. Blood rushing through my veins leaving a flush of warmth on my cheeks. All I can see behind closed eyelids is your smile as I watch you from afar.

Every night I drift into a restless daze where my dreams and reality mingle into the same entity. Your arms hold me, your eyes capture me, your body protects me.

Every time you are near me, my body feels drawn to you as I close my eyes and imagine the touch of your body brushing against mine. I can’t help but to lean back against you just a moment too late.

I wonder if you smell musky, sweet or soapy. Your presence lingers with me throughout the day. There’s always an excuse to see you.

A warm tingle spreads up my arm when your fingertips graze mine as you hand me my coffee. How can it feel so wonderful to be near you yet you can never be mine?

My life is a torturous game. Everything I want is out of reach, everything I need I cannot have. So here I am bundled up in my duvet. Alone in the dark with my dreams and reality entwined. This is the closest I will ever be to you, my love…”

Written by Ling Lee (02/04/13).

The magical moment when you think your dream has finally come true. I want to stay in my dreams and never fully awaken to this harsh reality we call life.

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3 thoughts on “Restless nights: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    Beautifully written hun, as always. XxXx

  2. chad

    Beautiful words. some times life is but a dream and other times dreams are but a night mare as there are 2 sides 2 a coin and day turns to night it really doesn’t matter what’s wronge and what’s rite the only things that are important are the things that make you stand up and fight lifes never a bowl of peaces but some times It’s sweet. Your words make my days sweeter so please keep up the great work and have sweet dreams when u rest

    • Thank you for your beautiful words. You always put a smile on my face even in my darkest moments. You have an amazing way with words and you should use your talents and chase a dream just like my own. many thanks for your time in reading my work and thank you so much for your comment. Sweet dreams right back at you CT!! x

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