Defeated: Story Extract

“A creeping chill coils around me sending an array of unpleasant shivers through my body. My neck stands rigid and stiff, aching for much needed rest. This magnificent room is full of warmth and energy, but all I feel is a looming darkness, chilling me to the bone.

Sighing in frustration, I hang my head in shame. Embarrassed by my most recent encounter, I might as well give up now. Nothing I do goes according to plan. Nothing I anticipate comes close to my expectations. I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of defeat. All that I set my heart out to achieve has been destroyed, leaving behind a burning trail of destruction to mock me.

Running my finger round the rim of the glass, another sigh escapes my lips as I hold back the tears that threaten to fall. I’m not ready to go home yet. I don’t want to be alone. I can’t be alone again. I just need to sort through my thoughts and get through this the way I always do. Drink the night away until the darkness takes over leaving me in an unconscious drunken stupor.

The next morning, I’ll feel like everything has washed over so I can start afresh. Cleansed and ready for disaster to strike again…”

Written by Ling Lee (01/04/13).

Sometimes you could be surrounded by goodness but you just get dragged into the darkness. When something good is spoilt by the bad luck that clings to you.

It’s necessary to admit defeat but you must always find the strength to pick yourself up and start again.

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One thought on “Defeated: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    Always happens to me . XxXx

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