Innocent Beauty: Story Extract

“Long fluttering eyelashes, full pouty lips. Without a hint of make up on her delicate features, her beauty renders me speechless.

Her innocence brings a warmth through my body. A smile plays across my lips as I see concentration etched onto her face. She’s staring into the sink, cheeks flushed, scrubbing away. Hovering across from her I try desperately not to reach out to tuck those stray strands of hair behind an ear for her.

Teeth tugging at her inner lip, I watch her pick up the next glass and wonder if her lips taste as sweet as I imagine. I want to run my tongue across her lower lip and sink my teeth onto her lip the way she is unintentionally teasing me.

My gaze has wandered down her baby soft skin, travelling past her chin, down the side of her neck and followed the drop of her necklace into the V of her top. I try to avert my eyes and turn my head before anyone catches me looking. I can’t help myself. Even with my head turned, my eyes are sneaking a peek down her top.

I chide myself for my terrible behaviour. Guilt floods through me as she looks up and her eyes connect with mine. I don’t know if she’s caught me but I choose to smile and my breath catches ever so slightly when she smiles right back at me…”

Written by Ling Lee (30/3/13).

Writing from a male perspective. I wonder if this is too girly? I hope this works because it’s not the same to write about looking at a handsome man.

I just had this extract in my head. It’s been bursting to jump onto the page and it’s now a lot later than I expected. Totally exhausted and need to KO for the night. I’ll read this in the morning and hope it’s still as good as I’m hoping once I read it again in the morning. Goodnight and sweet dreams to you all! X

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2 thoughts on “Innocent Beauty: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    Its not to girly hun, Its good to read it from a different angle, though I think the male is being very polite. XxX

    • 😛 guess u prefer my female perspectives huh? I’m better at the depression and darkness stuff. But I’m wary about people even wanting to read that stuff 😦

      I was hoping this piece comes across as a young lad, shy and likes the girl…

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