Window to his Soul: Story Extract

“A goofy grin spread wide across his face reaching all the way to his eyes, crinkling up at the corners. His infectious smile makes me grin right back at him, captured by the window to his soul.

People say that about a persons eyes. As I look through his eyes I see fun and laughter. Humour and mischief dance in those beautiful gems we so plainly call eyes.

Enchanted by those twinkling blue stones, we read one another’s soul. Without so much as a word or a touch I can see deep into his being. I see past the playfulness and notice a flicker, just a slight hesitation as his eyes dart left and right, I know of his fear. He’ll never tell me his story but I know it was full of pain and regret.

Just as suddenly, his expression takes a turn as his eyes become intense like a predator trained on its prey. His blinking eyelids, still and slow down. Holding my gaze he steps forward to cover the distance that separated us and crushes me against his chest.

I feel his ribcage expand as he inhales deeply against the side of my neck placing an ever so gentle kiss to mark me. He raises his head resting his forehead against mine. I lose myself in his soul, as he holds me captive, but I trace no fear. Only strength, need, protection and love…”

Written by Ling Lee (26/03/14).

If only you could see the real truth just by looking at someone. I believe there are a few who are skilled enough to know everything about a person just by looking directly at them, piercing their gaze seeing into their soul.

I love being lost in a loved ones gaze.

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2 thoughts on “Window to his Soul: Story Extract

  1. Charlie

    This is beautiful hunni & I truly believe the eyes are the windows to the soul. XxXx

    • This is more along the lines of what I want to write I think. But it’s gonna be a pretty much female market I think. So many ideas and so little time to write lol. Your support means a lot to me Charlie!!! X

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