Book Review #19: Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

(Finished reading on 21/03/13
My 18th book this year.)

I wondered how Rebecca Donovan would make the 2nd book of this series better than the first. Average ratings are higher for this second book but I disagree.

The book was still good. But I preferred ‘Reason to Breathe’.

Evan became less of the man that I had hoped to see more of. He was still good to Emma but he didn’t understand her. He kept asking for Emma to trust him when he left plenty of room for doubt and jealousy when Analise appeared.

Emma had already been through so much in book one, only to live through another traumatic year. It’s too sad how her relationship with Rachel is so rocky. It’s unfair for Emma to have almost nothing to be happy about.

I wanted Jonathan, (Emma’s mum’s boyfriend) to save her. With their shared secrets and difficult pasts, they help each other and leave trails of destruction behind.

I still want to read the final book of the series when it’s finished but I don’t have the urgency and impatience that I’d expected whilst I await the read.

There was too much emotional abuse and not enough effort in between to make things work. The dramatic fight scene was a bit too over the top for me and proved to be a bit pointless.

I’d probably not recommend this book to people because it’s too dark. But the first book is a must read!

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