Buried Alive: Story Extract

“The thud and impact of every mound of earth hitting my immobilised legs, ribcage, stomach. One heap at a time, I can feel the earth covering me, little by little I feel the weight slowly crushing me, forcing the breath out of me. I keep trying to claw at the mud, frantically trying to escape, but somehow my entire body is paralysed. I feebly attempt to work my way free as one finger has regained movement, twitching away at the earth with little difference.

Trying to scream through the gag in my mouth, contemplating the chances of survival. Tears run freely down my temples as I realise all the things I ever wanted to achieve and how little I have accomplished till this day.

A silent scream erupts from within, wide eyed in terror, panting and fighting for air to refill my lungs. Sitting straight up in bed, an over sized t-shirt drenched in sweat, clings to my back.

My worst nightmare has surfaced once again. Convincing myself of being safe and it was just a dream proves to be harder to believe than to say out loud.

I can still feel the lingering effects of being buried alive.

Relief seeps in as I take in my surroundings, then disappointment engulfs me. My survival means all the thoughts running through my head are confirmed. I’m a failure. I have achieved nothing. I am a nobody. If I were really buried alive, I don’t think I would be called in as a missing person because nobody would miss me…”

Written by Ling Lee (20/03/13).

Nightmare!! One of the worst ways to die? Just a thought…

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