Muscles and Tattoos: Story Extract

“My throat feels like someone has been scraping at it from the inside with a metal spoon. It hurts to swallow, it hurts to talk, but still I can’t stop this smile from escaping my lips.

Watching as he stands with his back to me, I imagine trailing my fingers across the bottom of the back of his head. Stroking the short cut of his hair just at the dip at the back of his neck. Oblivious to my watchful gaze, he continues to chatter in that husky voice on his phone.

He has a mesmerising voice, drawing me to eavesdrop as I hope he’s not in a serious relationship. His eyes look so sharp and serious I’m afraid to get caught listening in. I look away and get on with my work before my day dreaming becomes a not so amusing nightmare.

My eyelids are drooping as I count down the hours until the end of my shift. I think it must be nearly time for my next dose of meds. The minutes feel like hours, time at work passes by in slow motion. My only perk is sneaking peeks at the beautiful muscles, teasing me through his semi transparent shirt.

He has a tattoo inked across his back that I’d very much like to get a closer look at. I’d like to trail a finger along the outline of the tattoo as though I were the one to mark him. Tattoo’s are unbelievably hot, my ultimate weakness alongside a nice set of muscles.

My heart pitter patters that little bit faster just imagining getting my hands on those delicious muscles. Another grin escapes my lips as my mind wanders off into another time with my mysterious muscly tattoo man…”

Written by Ling Lee (17/03/13).

Perks of the workplace? Without a doubt, I love when a handsome muscly tattooed man sits within my line of sight. Work becomes all that more interesting as the fantasies linger and blend into a day dream.

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