Your Game: Story Extract

“It doesn’t matter anymore because everything you ever said to me were just empty promises.

Love? What’s the point in talking about forever when you never know where tomorrow will lead?

You told me you’d love me always. Made me believe there was still hope in my life. Then one day you took it all away from me. The happiness, laughter, you literally wiped the smile off my face when you decided you’d had enough of this game.

A game was all it was to you. A time filler. The worst thing is I fell for your lies not just the one time. I never did learn from my mistakes and you fooled me a second time.

Bittersweet memories fade in and out of my mind. I try to push them away, but they keep filtering back to me.

Winter seems to pull us together. The times when you cannot resist but to make me smile with your big warm hugs taking me right off my feet. When your playful smile grins at me across the crowded rooms. When I thank you for making me smile those megawatt smiles only to be left confused as to whether you really care or have started a new game with me.

The saddest part of this is knowing I’d welcome you with a loving smile and welcome arms. No matter how many times you screw my life up and leave me to pick up the broken pieces, I’ll still feel the same for you, as long as you are a part of my life again.

Is this love or just an insanely stupid person who craves to be cared for? Desperate for affection I wait for our next brief encounter to ignite my heart and fill me with warmth all over again…”

Written by Ling Lee (14/03/13).

A life full of hope for a better tomorrow. A reminder of how vulnerable a heart can be. Of how irrational a mind can be under the influence of love.

I’ve had one too many crappy encounters in my life. But have faith. I believe in soul mates, just remember if it was ment to be then somehow it will work out in the end. 🙂

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