Insomnia: Story Extract

“Eyes burning, head screaming in a silent plea for sleep. Every time I close my eyes the restless feeling settles upon me.

Adjusting and readjusting my position. From the left, to face up, to the right, face down, head under the pillow. I’ve tried it all.

My body can’t decide if I’m hot or cold tonight. It’s just a night where I fidget endlessly and before I know it the sun will probably be filtering through my window and I will feel like a vampire being tortured by sunlight.

With one leg under the duvet and the other on top, I’m finally feeling a stillness settle over me. Looking out of the window I see a faint orange glow. It’s like the night never really took over the day. It’s just not going to be a pitch black night.

The stars are still hiding so I can’t try to count them like the sheep that were jumping through my mind. I’d much rather make use of my time and pick up the book from where I left off. But I don’t because I know I’ll end up seeing the first rays of light before I end up trying and really trying to sleep again.

Why insomnia, why is it me? Please free me from my dreadful waking hours and throw me into a lovely dream so I can escape for just a little while…”

Written by Ling Lee (09/03/13).

Really can’t sleep and its bugging me like mad. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, but I just can’t sleep. Tomorrow is another long day. Pleeeeease let me sleep!!!

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