I Want You Back: Story Extract

“Memories of you keep playing through my mind, confusing me. Leaving me full of guilt and regret and a sense of loss at the reminder that we never managed to make things work between us.

I remember the day we met. We kept making eye contact across the table full of relatives and family friends. I was so forward. I overheard you give out your number to a friend. I saved your number and texted you saying “Guess who?” You told me you were glad it was me. I thank you for making me take a chance.

I remember one Valentine’s Day, we both had to work. I was sulking all night at missing my first year with a Valentine and no time for my date. But before the stroke of midnight you wandered into my workplace with an armful of cheesy yet romantic gifts. A big helium filled heart, a teddy, chocolates the whole works. You made me feel special. Thank you for fulfilling my wish on this special day. Every girl wants a show of love on this day no matter how much she may deny it.

I remember the way you used to kiss my body and mark me, leaving big, purple patches of love bites to follow. I smile at the memory of you calling them big ugly marks when I took my revenge on your body. I thank you for every memory that still makes me smile.

I’m not sure why I can’t shake you from my thoughts today. But I feel like I should be apologising for breaking your heart. I selfishly wish I could be a part of your life again, to torture myself, to see what I could have had but never will have again.

I have no way to contact you. So here I am. Calling your mother (who by the way probably still hates me), asking for your number. I think I’ve finally lost my mind. What am I doing? But I can’t stop myself from dialling and hoping at the same time that it won’t be your wife picking up the call…”

Written by Ling Lee (01/03/13).

I hope this made an interesting read. Today in my writing I became the b*tch who tries to steal another woman’s man, instead of the one who once had a man taken from me.

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