The Woman in Black: Story Extract

“Hood pulled down, briskly walking across the park. It’s freezing cold outside, with every breath a puff of smoke follows. The white, frost tipped grass stands rigid and sharp. A gentle mist settles across the earth, curling around the tree branches, exploring the open space around me. I walk as fast as my legs can carry me and look up across the river. Suddenly I see a woman standing still with her hands in her pockets just staring at me. I feel a chill up my spine and look down at my feet and I keep powering on, feeling the sharp, cold air cut through my lungs. I look back up and the woman in black is still staring straight at me.

I feel like I should avert my gaze, yet something compels me to take notice of her. Her black coat is trimmed with white cuffs at the sleeves and a thick white collar. I’m guessing it’s fur but it’s hard to tell from this distance. She’s standing a lot closer to the river bank than anyone should be. I feel the urge to shout a warning but I know she wont be able to hear me.

I turn around and look behind me, but there’s no one else around. Just the mist surrounding me, getting more dense with every few breaths that I take.

As I look towards the river again, the woman in black has vanished. My eyes frantically search left and right, my heart is beating an erratic rhythm.

All I can think of is a story my granny once told. About a woman by the river who jumped. It is said that one will meet her gaze and be taken in by her spirit. He or she will walk as she did straight off the side of the river bank and plunge into the waters to take her place and free her from roaming this land…”

Written by Ling Lee (26/02/13).

I was rushing home from work and I really did see someone across the river who freaked me out. She really did vanish, but then reappeared once I got past the tree that was blocking my view.

My heart fell out and I felt much colder than the outdoors. That massive relief floods through your body when you realise that your mind was being over imaginative… Again!

Happy reading! This is my first ‘scary’ piece of work online… Let me know what you all think. 🙂

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One thought on “The Woman in Black: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    I have had this happen to me before, so I can relate lol. Its very creepy, but in a good way! XxXX

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