One Hot Valentine’s Meal: Story Extract

“Tucking her chair in as she sits down, he leans over from behind then kisses her on the cheek. He tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear and inhales her enchanting fragrance before walking round to his seat across the table from her. A silver waxed candle flickers on the tabletop making her smile glow warm like the flame.

The waiter pops open a bottle of champagne, pouring the golden bubbles into a beautiful crystal flute. They make a toast to many more happy memories together.

He is mesmerised by the twinkle in her eyes. He barely notices the waiter refill their glasses, taking with him the remains of their starters. His eyes never once leaving her face.

Leaning in towards the table, she inhales. His eyes travel down from her face stopping only for a second to watch her stroke the glittering diamond pendant round her neck, before being distracted by the sight that rests a little lower. A smile plays across his lips as she bites the corner of her mouth, he knows the promise behind this silent exchange.

As she runs a finger round the rim of her champagne glass, he lifts his share and takes a mouthful, running his tongue across the edge. Her breath catches ever so slightly before she dips the tip of her finger into her glass and brings it to her mouth for a taste. His eyes grow wide in anticipation of the evening ahead.

As the waiter brings their next course of food, he feels a slight annoyance at the interruption. But he soon forgets as her toes travel from his ankle, up his calf, until she rests her foot gently against his groin. He sits up suddenly and straightens his jacket, looking both left and right as he realises the golden tablecloths cascade all the way to the floor. He grins at her and gives her a wink.

For his cheek she taps him in warning with her foot, before she begins a circular motion in his lap and he suppresses a groan from escaping his throat…”

Written by Ling Lee (14/02/13).

Naughty but nice. A little something I always wondered about. Do people really do these things inside a restaurant?

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to the lucky ones who have found love for this day. As for the singles out there, go out with friends and be happy! You might just find yourself a handsome gentleman who gets caught in that smile.

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2 thoughts on “One Hot Valentine’s Meal: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    Once again, an excellent snippet hunni!! You havr an awesome skill . and in answer to the question above, yes they do lol XxXx

    • Hope u are having a wonderful valentine’s day! Thank your for your comments! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 😛 x

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