Caught in Blood, Sweat and Tears: Story Extract

“Eyes wide, darting wildly around the room, streaming with pain induced tears. Hands bound tightly behind me, shoulders aching like hell, hands throbbing for need of fresh circulating blood. In this windowless prison I have no idea if it’s day or night.

He’s standing guard behind me. His breath hot and heavy over the top of my head, “Look at him, f*cking look at what you made me do!” A wailing sound escapes from him, then instantly he starts laughing, loud and nervous bouts of crazed laughter.

His calloused hand clamps under my chin, fingers splayed across my face, pinning my head in the direction of the aftermath.

I kick out uselessly. My legs are bound to each chair leg. I realise I’m never going to get out of here alive, yet still I want to fight. I tell myself to stop wasting energy but in my panic, I kick out again.

He drops his weight down across the back of my shoulders. His hand squeezes my face, my teeth dig into my inner cheeks. As his thumb presses harder, I taste blood in my mouth. “Bloody sit still and look at him!”

With two fingers, he pulls my eyebrows upwards, lifting my eyelids until I’m staring at his battered corpse, drowned in a pool of blood, sweat and tears…”

Written by Ling Lee (05/02/13).

I guess this is what everyone wants to do to someone when they find out their partner has cheated on them.

In many peoples minds, violence looks to be the first response. The majority of those would just imagine hurting the culprit, but the small minority who lose control will destroy.

Here’s to dark thoughts. My mind ticks differently. I am unique. I am who I am. I may not be perfect, I may be fighting an eternal inner battle but I know what lies within me. So today I am the stronger and better person.

Please keep reading. Extract suggestions are welcome. I’m trying all sorts of writing styles. Good day to you all. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Caught in Blood, Sweat and Tears: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    Ling you have an amazing skill & talent. You have a total honest way of writing what people can truely feel. Keep Going! X

    • Thanks again my dear. There are only a small handful of people who have been supportive of my journey so far, you are in my top 3!
      I appreciate every comment and every time you read my work, I thank you for your time!
      Feel free to suggest extracts or styles you’d like me to have a bash at. More ’50 shades’ style coming soon. Seems to be the best genre to get more viewers. 😛

  2. As she lay on one side staring out the small wooden framed window into the distance of hills and tree’s.
    As the snow fell big and fat out side with the wind carrying it gently across the plain view of a greenish brown terrain.
    Though it was a small view into the world out side yet enough to be able to feel the temperature of the atmosphere and the chill of the winds whispering on her cheeks. She lays silently and folded with her arms wrapped around a
    pillow, close to her chest almost embracing as if a close friend was in her arms. She lay happy with a smile on her
    face as she watched the cold world out the window, while curled up in her warm bed. As she lay waiting for the
    transition of day to night. Not that the night bothered her. With it came another set of feelings different from the days light and joy a mellow and peaceful charm an elegant and beautiful waver of feeling. She had often wanted to be the moon so nimble yet stable so willing to help others and so stand fast and strong. Still it was not the transition of day to night she had felt this pleasure many times in her life. It was that it was that night, tonight that night that the voices
    in her head had told warned her about. The voices that were not real the succubus in her brain that other people told her were not normal and she was not dispised or hated but not allowed to really communicate with normal people for the reason she was
    not normal. To be fair it was not like she minded, the animals and plants were much more apealling and their stories far more fun. However as she lay in wait watching the sun go down and the darkness seep in from the window bringing that pleasure of solitude along with it. As the moon slowly starts to rise higher in the nights sky while the stars sparkle their rhyme across the vast horison of time and space. That time was rapidly approaching yet there she was laying with no motion, just a blank expression as she stairs though the small glass hole.

    Just an extract from the piece i am writing at the moment, it seemed a bit unfair that i get to read your works and you don’t get to see any of mine this is from a peace i have called Liant. Please forgive the spacing still can’t be bother to change it at moment> But just a small thank you for being a friend when one was needed most.yours thankfully C.K.Twin

    ps your work and your self is an inspiration to me so please keep up the good and remember be strong your not alone so no dillie dalling teheeh ;p

    • My dear CT. Thank you for the beautiful words. It feels like you were watching me and reading my mind, telling a moment of my life. You are amazing with your choice of words and I envy the beauty that exists through your interpretation of our world.

      I should be the one who thanks you! You are also one of my top 3 supporters. But you also inspire me with your talk of dragons and all things sweet in life. So if I make it as a writer, you will be one of my special people to thank! Much love to u CT, I’m blessed to have you as a friend in my life! 🙂

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