The Hatchling: Story Extract

“I hear a crack and watch as a tiny hole appears on the smooth, marble patterned egg. Like a sunset of magnificent purples, with wisps of white clouds swirled onto the surface. I tip toe to the hole and try to sneak a closer look. It’s dark in there but I can hear movement. It sounds like the hatchling is struggling to break free. I jump back as the egg begins to shake around ever so slightly, then stops. There’s cracked lines zig zagging outwards from the hole. I want to help it break free, but I’m scared of what’s in there.

The egg is still not moving. I count 1…2… 15…30. I think it must be tiring to break out of the shell. I bet it fell asleep. I feel much safer now and it seems my curiosity has gotten the better of me. My mind is telling me to leave it alone before I get eaten alive, but my legs are already sneaking up to the hole again. My eyes are wide open as my hands cup the sides of the egg. My face inches closer towards the opening. I smell a soft talcum powdery fragrance. I reach out a finger and shake it from side to side across the hole. Nothing happens. My fingers reach out and pinch the edge of the hole. Can I do it? Shall I do it? *Snap* I run backwards a few steps with a small bit between my finger and thumb. My heart is racing incredibly fast. My eyes on the egg, still motionless. I stop to feel the piece of shell. It’s so smooth, just like polished marble. I drop it on the floor and rush back to have another look. I still can’t see inside.

I wonder how I can speed things up. I look around and consider grabbing a stick but I don’t want to hurt whatever is in there. Maybe if I tap on the outside I might wake it up. Back I go again. This time patting a nice little beat on the surface of the shell. Again, nothing happens. I pat a bit harder. This time I’m met with a sudden sharpness against my palm. As I snatch my hand away I see another hole and something white poking out of it.

I’m all excited, and nervous, and scared of what will hatch. I wait behind the nearest tree for the rest of it to break free. After a bit more shaking, a little more resting, another round of tapping and patting it suddenly bursts open.

I still can’t tell what it is. It stares at me with big shiny eyes and it looks like it has a big gummy smile on its face. It makes me giggle because it is so cute.

I hold out an open palm, it shuffles towards me on its two hind legs. I see the end of its white tail dance from side to side as it comes closer. It leans it’s head into my hand so I stroke the top of it’s bald head. It has 2 small bumps, high above its eyebrows. It pushes and rubs against my hand. All of a sudden just as my palm brushes across its forehead, I see a flash of knowledge burst into my mind. He shows me a lot of images, including the fact that I am now his guardian. This is the moment we formed a connection that can never be broken. Where death takes one, the other will follow. Destiny is what brought us together, fate will ensure that we will never be parted…”

Written by Ling Lee (04/02/13).

Here’s another secret. I believe in dragons. Dragons must be the most enchanting, amazing yet dangerous beasts ever, in the existence of imagination.

I always wondered what it would be like to find my own dragon. Another day, I will continue this extract and you can see through my mind how dragons grow up and live within our world.

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes. Just like humans. All with their own personalities and character.

Happy reading and happy dreaming to you all. May you all find your dragons to protect you from the darkness and bad things in life. 🙂

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