Book Review #7: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

(This is the 6th book I have read in 2013 as part of my ‘TBR Book Pile Challenge’. Halfway through the ‘To Be Read’ books for my year. I think I might need a new book challenge.)

I rate this book 4/5 stars.

This novel is full of magic, imagination, beasts of all shapes and forms. Realms that are forever changing. With dragons, trolls, fairies, pixies, humans and various creatures unknown to other books.

It is about a young boy, Bastian, who is bullied at school. As he is escaping from another bout of teasing from a few school children he stumble’s into a store.

Here he finds the book into Fantastica. Everything he reads is happening in another realm. The more he reads, the closer he is drawn into the book. He finally realises he is the chosen one who must save everyone from the Nothing that is slowly eating holes into Fantastica and is swallowing up everything that gets too close. In order to do this, he must give the Childlike Empress a new name, to give their realm a new beginning.

When he joins the world of Fantastica he gains the power of Auryn, a gem that links the Empress and Bastian. Through Auryn, all of Bastian’s wishes come true. But wish every wish there is a price. At first he wishes to be handsome, strong, courageous. He then begins to recreate Fantastica. He gives every creature he meets, a story to tell for its existence. Every story comes true. With every wish, he loses a memory of his real life and slowly loses himself, until he has nothing but his name left.

If he loses his last memory, he will be stuck in Fantastica forever. He will end up in a village with all the other lost souls who travelled into this realm and never found their way home before their last memory was exchanged for their last wish.

What I love the most about this book is the idea of being able to travel into other worlds. Imagine all the journeys, adventures and possibilities this can bring for each an every one of us. The escape from reality, where your wishes can come true.

I would recommend this book to readers and it deserves it’s place in the ‘Books to read before you die’ list.

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