Afraid of the Dark: Story Extract

“Teeth chattering, knees pulled up to my chin, shivering under the duvet. My eyes adjust to the darkness, my hearing suddenly acute. Aware of every heartbeat and every breath, I try to listen to the sounds beyond my own body. I try to keep still, but the harder I try, the more uncomfortable I feel.

There’s a random tapping and scratching sound coming from the window. I pray in silence for it to go away. Pulling the duvet tighter around myself, the air around me feels hot and heavy.

My heart pounds, faster and faster as I hear the tapping grow louder and the scratching more persistent. My silent prayers start to escape my lips as I mumble and recite my mantra to God. I’m terrified. I ask God to give me strength to fight my fears, I ask God to protect me from the threat that lurks nearby. I ask God to hear my prayers and guide me through the darkness.

I want to look out the window, but I’ve never felt so afraid before. I can see a figure reaching towards me, I recoil and fight the urge to scream. Shadows are thrown closer and closer. They loom bigger and darker, stretching out at me.

Suddenly everything falls silent. I struggle for oxygen but I’m too unnerved to move. Even my discomfort can’t force my limbs to move. Paralysed by the fear that’s consumed me, I count. I remember to take a deep and painful breath. Slowly exhaling and counting 1…2…10.

My ears twitch, eagerly listening for a clue to what is happening beyond the covers. I lift a corner of the duvet, moving slowly, I try to take a peep but my eyes are squeezed tightly shut. Clenched at the darkness, I try to relax. Squinting hard into the night, I gradually make progress and glimpse a pair of eyes glaring at me through the window.

I scream as my mind processes the thing that’s staring at me. My scream becomes a screech at the abrupt blinding of lights turning back on. The telltale click and whirring of electronics stirring back to life. Bright flashing spots, flicker each time I blink. I try to focus on the thing that I saw through the window. But I can’t see past the lights that blinded me. All I can make out are my own terrified features, with sweat streaked hair all over my face. Full eyesight returning and now all I can see is a girl staring through a half condensed window. Sad, lonely, relieved.

I laugh out loud as I realise the eyes I saw were just a reflection of myself. The tapping starts again as the next gust of wind sends the tree branches to flicker against my window.”

Written by Ling Lee (01/02/13).

Seeing things from a different perspective. Your mind can play tricks on you depending on what state of mind or mood you are in. A whole lot of images can feel so real when you are scared.

I hate being scared and I hate being alone. But what I hate most about a lonely, scary, dark night is the wind. The wind makes everything sound that whole lot scarier.

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2 thoughts on “Afraid of the Dark: Story Extract

  1. Charlie Cooper

    This is fantastic Ling, you doing so well. Keep going, you have a talent hunni. XxXx

    • Thank u so much Charlie! It means so much to me when any readers leave comments. Every time i receive a comment I feel so much joy and it reminds me that I’m on the right path. I just need to get myself together and concentrate on one thing at a time. At the moment, my focus is scattered due to work and my children. I am hoping by next year when they are at school, I will have more free time to actually sit down. It is then that I will be able to follow my dream.

      I thank you more than anyone else so far because you are one of my biggest encouraging factors. I might be writing another ’50 shades’ style piece again soon 😛 keep reading hun!! x

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