Book Review #6: Forever by Judy Blume.

I rate this book 3/5 stars.
It was an average, easy to read book.

This book is about how a young couple’s sexual relationship develops. With the boy, Michael, rushing and pushing for sex. Although to give him credit he actually cares for the girl and respects her enough to wait until she’s ready.

Katherine wants her ‘first time’ to be special. She explains that she needs to be both mentally and physically ready for the moment. The book keeps reminding the reader about safe sex and I guess to some extent we know from both a stereotypical male AND females’ perspective on sex.

I loved the way the book rushed through a year in a teenager’s life. How a relationship can easily feel like it will last ‘Forever’ but can just as quickly fall apart.

The thing I disliked most about this book is the abrupt and rushed ending. I don’t want to spoil this for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet but I had hoped for something more to happen.

Nothing has changed. Usually I read a book and wonder about a lot of things. The way people act, the way people do things, the things that happen. But this book left me feeling nothing. No smile, nothing to wonder, nothing to wish would continue or develop.

I wouldn’t really recommend this book to anyone. But if anyone asked for an opinion, I guess I would just say it’s an ok book and not have much else to add.

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