The Deadline Rush: Story Extract

“Caffeine deprived. My body sure knows how to remind me, with a mind shattering headache. I guess the strain from dealing with real life issues doesn’t help either. Hour after hour on the computer, arms-a-flailing designing and crazy button bash typing, to meet the latest deadline. I feel a heavy tension in my lower abdomen as I desperately clench my bladder muscles. I need to go, but I can’t get distracted. Must. Finish. Final. Layout. Or at least until my next scheduled break alerts me.

My phone finally bleeps. Another countdown reminder that my deadline is in 1hr 59minutes and 13seconds. I have 5 minutes to search for my next dose of caffeine and to relieve my poor bladder before it explodes. Optimistically I could even squeeze in finding a chocolate bar or anything else edible to kill that growl rumbling in my stomach.

Rushing into the hallway, I scroll through messages with my right hand and search for change in my pocket with the left. All the while heading for the ladies room. Turning the corner I crash head on, straight into his chest. A flurry of hands try, and fail, to catch the folders, my phone and the change that’s flying out of my pocket. I grab my phone, shout an incredibly loud apology and dash into the ladies room before I burst.

I check the time again and dash back out only to find, the man I so embarrassingly almost knocked down, was standing with a pile of folders in one arm and an outstretched hand at me. He seems amused and says “Where’s the fire little lady?” as he hands me a fistful of change and winks at me.

My eyes meet his and he is (mouth drop open) gorgeous…”

Written by Ling Lee (26/01/13).

I had so much more to write but I must rush off. Time for a job that’s a means to an end. When can I be part of my dream and never have to look back?

Happy reading and have a wonderful relaxing weekend all. 🙂

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