A Little Bit Of Magic or A Soul: Story Extract

“I remember wandering into a shop filled with tranquil sounds. A shelf full of magic spell books and tarot cards. Each and every item leaps out, waiting to share its knowledge and power with someone serene. The smell of sandelwood infused with rose incense sticks burn away on a small shelf behind the till. Jagged crystals and coloured stones laid out in baskets, each with a label and a description of it’s power. My two favourites are tiger’s eye (for luck) and rose quartz (for love). There’s never enough of either to go round.

I remember a lady with her watchful eye looking at us, stopping to entice us into buying some things from her cozy store. She appears beside me and picks up a heart shaped stone, which she informed me was rose quartz. I remember her saying to me:-

‘Let the moonlight fill these stones with enough strength to protect you.’

I ask her what she means. Without answering, she tells me the way to generate power into the stones. She tells me to wait until nightfall, rinse and/or wash my hands and the stone, wash it of impurities and the evil that surrounds us all. She reminds me from this point onwards I am not to touch the stones, otherwise I will drain it’s energy and leave them useless.

I scoop up the stone with a spoon and place it in a small yet fancy box. The stone should rest under direct moonlight, preferably on the windowsill closest to where you sleep. Moonlight enhances and awakens the element of the stone, moonlight is magical.

Beware of magic. Magic is wonderful in small bursts when under control. Only those who are pure hearted will enjoy its effects. Twisted minds produce twisted magic, known as dark magic, but I want nothing to do with that. To be drawn into the darkness you trade your soul for a power that consumes you. In turn you become the dark ones puppet for all eternity.

I don’t remember how I came to hear this. I just remember knowing. It feels like I’m supposed to help bewitch the innocent people. I feel a pressure, so intense that draws me to the stones. I hear the message loud and clear. Urging me to touch the charged stones and to reap its rewards. My inner strength roots me. Keeping me in control.

Too many temptations in a confined space. The books all call out to be used. The smell of new books mingled with a sort of sooty, charcoal fragrance.

A small tattered, leather bound book finds me. Tingling with excitement I think it wants to grant me power. I stroke the books’ cover and feel a slight tremble, I hear a faint sigh, I think I’m going crazy but I think it was the book.

A whispering voice warns me ‘Dark magic’s price is a soul’. I ram the book back on the shelf, rearranging the others so between them, they cover up the leather bound spell book.

I head out of the strange shop clutching a Tiger’s eye in one hand and a rose quartz in my other. A sprinkle of luck and love is all I need. For now…”

Written by Ling Lee (25/01/13).

I believe in magic. Always have and always will. I still await the day when I stumble into a spiritual shop and be presented with an offer for my soul, or just a sprinkle of magic in the stones.

Magic must be almost non existent in to this day an age. Remember, just because you can’t see magic, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Have a happy day all. Remember to believe. 🙂 x

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