Fresh Snow and My Fresh Start: Story Extract

“Waking up void of feeling, empty eyes, existing in this shell of a body, waiting to be freed. I think I’m finally ready. I just realised that I don’t have to be strong. I just have to take control.

Running out into the cold, every breath visible in the smoky air surrounding me. White trees, white hills, white rooftops, everything I see is covered in whiteness. A purity that I didn’t even realise was falling on the outside. I’m hoping tranquility will reach out and free me from my torturous life.

I turn around to see the first steps I took onto fresh fallen snow. The steps of destruction onto new territory, new grounds and a new path. Today I am the destroyer and no longer the one being destroyed. Determination courses through me, as I stand hidden within my hooded jumper. I want to be unknown, unrecognised, I am starting anew. My new life begins with these footprints in the snow. I wonder if I will have to run this life alone, or if he’s almost caught up with me ready to carry me through this pain.

Footsteps pounding into the snow. With every step, a little puff of whiteness explodes around my feet. The cold is seeping into me through the soles of my feet and the palms of my hand. I don’t let this stop me from pushing forward. I focus on the warmth in my cheeks, and the heat in my body. Every stride brings a searing pain into my lungs, cutting each breath short as I struggle on. But I will not stop. I’m never giving up, he wont be the one to hurt me again.

Today is a new day. Today I am alive. Today I will begin to live…”

Written by Ling Lee (24/01/13).

I know this isn’t one of my best pieces of work, but still I would like to share my first attempt at picking myself up. Needing no one to help me, relying only on my instincts and running from the one that keeps hurting my main character.

It can only improve from this moment on. I realise my book will not work without goodness, hope and happiness. This is the most difficult subject for me to tackle. Pain seems to seep from every pore of me, but happiness is a rarity that is almost impossible to keep hold of.

Keep reading, keep inspiring me, and most of all keep supporting me. Without you all I will never become the writer that I want to be, because every writer needs an audience to read their heart felt words.

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