Anime: Something different to my normal writing…

Something completely different to my normal posts. A new past time to occupy myself during writer’s block and break time’s from either reading or writing.

I started watching anime again. (Japanese hand drawn or computer animated productions). Most of them are magnificently drawn, with vibrant colours. The facial features are amazing and the stories are usually very interesting, although quite often beyond bizzare.

Currently I am watching “Say I Love You”. It is about a teenage girl, Mei Tachibana, who is extremely shy, introverted and has no friends. The boy, Yamato Kurosawa, is the most handsome and popular guy in school. He finds himself drawn to this one girl. The story is about love and Yamato’s determination to win Mei over.

My all time favourite so far is Hunter X Hunter, which is about a young boy called Gon who is on a quest to find his father. He finds out that his father is a “Hunter” by profession and to follow in his footsteps Gon must pass the exams to get his license. There are MANY obstacles on the way. This series includes a lot of fighting and gaming. There are too many interesting characters to describe, but most are cunning and devious and all want to win the game that has never been beaten.

Yakitate Japan was also a very good series. About a bakery boy who travels to learn new techniques and participates in tournaments to be the best baker. An unusual storyline yet somehow it works. You constantly wish you could take a bite of the pastries and cakes and buns.

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