Book Review #4: Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

I rate this book 3.5/5 stars.
I loved the ending, this is what made the book worthwhile I guess.

The book is about a woman called Christine, who is in her 50’s. Every morning she wakes up having little or no recollection of her life over the last 20yrs or more.

She has a husband who lives with her and helps her survive with the condition that she’s in. He tells her a simplified version of her past with very little detail. But he has to explain to her day after day, that she has amnesia.

Some days she remembers very important flashbacks of her past. Leaving her more confused and doubtful of herself. Unsure of whether they are real memories or if her mind has been ‘creating’ memories to fill the void in her past.

Christine secretly communicates with, and sees Dr Nash on a regular basis. He is trying to help her regain her memories and recover from the accident that caused this. He encourages her to keep a journal so that she has ‘memories’ of her own to help guide her through her days. Dr Nash calls Christine to remind her of their meetings and to write in her journal. That way, when she wakes up remembering nothing, she can see for herself what progress she has been making.

She soon begins to doubt her husband. She believes that he lies to her and she can’t decide if it’s because he loves her or because it’s just easier to erase the bad parts of her life to make their daily routine more bearable.

With her condition slowly improving, along with her memories and her past, she finds that the few people she comes to rely on are all trying to protect her in different ways.

She needs to work out who to trust, who to believe and what is real in her life.

I would recommend this book because it has a lovely twist. The author made the book easy to read but I personally wouldn’t include this book on a list of books to read before you die. It’s a good book yet I can’t say that it will be on my favourites list.

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