Played like a B****: Story Extract

“He bloody played me like a b*tch, just like you said he would. But somehow I don’t regret it. It feels like he stabbed me with a dirty knife and is twisting it just for laughs. It hurts so much to know it was mostly lies, he never did give a sh*t. I wonder how many times he sat at the office cracking up at the dumb ass who thinks she’s the only one for him.

I want to hate him as much as you do but he made me fall in love with him. I fell for his bad boy act, all except the fact that it wasn’t just an act.

So why do I not wish for him to disappear? He gave me hope when I was feeling so low that I wanted to give up on life. He made me smile through the tears that threatened to drown me. He made me feel warm and loved only to throw me back into the darkness to fight for my life again. But I forgive him. Each and every time, I forgive him and welcome him back into my life with open arms. With another scar to mark this painful memory, I drag my tear stained heart around until he lets me into his world again.

I guess I deserve it because time and time again I let him embarass me and use me until he’s got something better to deal with. He’s a cold hearted b*stard. But every now and then he’s all mine. My bad boy, my love, and the biggest secret of my life.”

Written by Ling Lee (19/01/13).

I know the direction in which my novel is headed. I know what my storyline is and how parts of the story will be written. I know that I will put my all into this novel, but my confidence wavers when it comes to thinking of the success of my work.

I wont let this defeat me or make me give up. I will use this energy to add to the passion in my words and hope that you will all continue to support me. Many thanks. đŸ™‚

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