A Moment in Your Car: Story Extract

“I’m sitting in the driver’s side with the door open. My summer dress trails over one side of the bucket seat. You stand just outside the car with a hand casually resting on the edge of the rooftop. Leaning in, you turn your precious keys, starting the engine with a low rumble. I can’t meet your gaze but there’s a faint lingering smell of you. Not the smell of cologne, the smell that I know is you, your natural scent. You take my hand, I don’t pull away, I know I probably should. A flush of heat spreads up my neck and onto my face. I sit there and close my eyes trying hard not to respond to your touch and controlling the grin threatening to spread across my face.

The pad of your thumb is slightly rough as it scratches across my knuckles with every stroke of your touch. Then all of a sudden you let go, leaving my hand tingling from your hold.

Dropping a small silver mobile onto my lap, with a crunch in the gravel, you step back, close the door and wander off.

Exhaling a lungful of breath I didn’t even realise I was holding, you’ve gone.”

Written by Ling Lee. (17/01/13)

I felt like I had to capture this moment. I’m not really sure where this is leading but I just know I keep getting ideas and moments that I feel will be useful towards my final piece.

As said before, it could be real, it could be fictional. As a reader it’s up to you to decide. But it’s always nice to have the choice of believing or not believing so you can escape from reality and live a little in someone else’s shoes. Smile šŸ˜€

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